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Online sessions

"Just be your self , at list one person will be satisfied. Don’t try to satisfy other people. Do whatever is best for YOU. You will be satisfied. You will be happy with your own decision. Don’t try to look nice to others. We are perfect the way you are, we just forgot it." - Sagit Katchka

My mission: "What I am trying to do, is to give people tools to find out who they are, and get resonated with their soul. Get connected to who they are. The universe gave us a certain formula for each one of us to be unique, and people are taking this formula, and trying to be like everybody else, which is a very hard way to live. When they come to me, they already understand that they want to be themselves." - Sagit Katchka

After working to heal herself Sagit pursued a mentor and the knowledge to guide others towards healing. She compares herself to Waze and says that she cannot heal someone, but she can show them the way to heal themselves. Give them the tools. In this way, she is somewhat of a sherpa of the energy body and in our session, with her, we were surprised by how strongly her needle-pointed North, Pinpointing major emotional pain points just by being told where the physical pain resided. If you would like to contact Sagit.."

(From Kaffeeklatsch interview on Youtube).

On my online sessions, you can turn to me to watch your body pain, as a way of your soul to show you and to lead you to changes: one of the ways I like best in treating and leading people to wanted changes:

Is to go through body pains as the mirror of the soul:

Here is what people who made the process write about me:

"I had a powerful healing session with Sagit, where she guided me on a
conversation with my subconscious. This was a new experience for me.
Straight away Sagit made me feel relaxed and safe to express painful wounds from my past. I had been suffering from back pain, which Sagit identified was linked to holding onto some emotion with my mother/female side within my family.
Some of the questions Sagit asked were difficult, and also so necessary... Sagit always helped with asking from a different perspective/view.
I experienced a big emotional release with heavy tears. The following
the day my back pain had eased dramatically and I continued in my healing.
Sagit holds a grounded, nurturing and empowering space for you to
journey through your timeline noticing areas where there is a
blockage/stagnation and where you need to let go.
I realized I was still holding on to the fact I felt I had to be the adult and
be responsible for everyone's happiness, in turn forgetting about myself again. I also was made aware I'm still holding onto a past trauma, which
I want to address as I know how powerful and essential this is. After the
session, I felt the need to fully surrender and that simply being me and
just being, was and is enough.
Thank you so much dear friend of mine, forever grateful.
I have more clarity each day."...Alex Aunon

"I feel very lucky that I've have been treated by Sagit Katchka and strongly recommend her to anyone that needs help healing physically and psychologically. I had no idea these deeper laying issues in me were even there. I thank you so much Sagit, for making me physically better and mentally clear my blockages that made me stronger". Tommy Gielingh/Bart's Brother

"Just wanted to check-in and see how you are doing and let you know that one of my shoulders that had that shooting pain has been fine for a few weeks straight for the first time since the end of June ❤️ thank you so much for your help!" Hanna

For sessions online please enter the request on my Booking Calendar.

Before you set an online session you are welcome to set up a free call with me so you'll feel if the sessions suit you.

The sessions require a quiet room and a pen and notebook.

The process should take an hour and a half and should you write.

The sessions can and should be recorded.

The session is divided into two parts: In the first part I'm asking you questions about what's disturbing you and on the second part we are putting our finger on the root believe that brought us to the process where we feel like we feel today.

By reaching the point where all of our limitings believes started we can release a lot of repeating occasions:


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